My experience selling to Zillow

Bought my house in SoCal for 599k with the VA loan in April 2020. Wife and I knew we wanted to move into something more spacious with the arrival of our baby. Had the opportunity to sell and move in with in-laws for the time being to make some profit. Decided to sell the house.

Zillow initially offered 778k, we said come inspect. They were there the following week and the walkthrough took an hour. After the walkthrough they changed their offer to 767k with $0 repairs. They had a service charge of 1% and 4.3k closing costs. We liked it and said yes. Realtor wanted to list at 700k with closing costs and commissions far above what Zillow charged.

We immediately went under contract, we asked for 14 days. Did all of the paperwork online. Communication between escrow team and us (sellers) was terrible. I assume they have tons of people to deal with. We really didn’t care about the poor communication as the offer was amazing. We continuously called/emailed and eventually got what we needed. After closing they were flexible with transferring of funds.

Overall, extremely easy and hassle-free. For those who will say, “why didn’t you list?” Zillow owns multiple houses in my neighborhood, all of which have been price cut a few times now since being listed. Comps are no where near the offer Zillow gave us.

TLDR: sell to Zillow they don’t care if they lose money on a deal. They just want market ownership.

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