Meghan and Harry’s friend Tyler Perry no stranger to celeb house hunters

In their recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed their friend and entertainment mogul Tyler Perry offered up one of his lavish homes and security detail to the couple, to help them settle into Los Angeles after stepping away from royal life in 2020. 

And it’s not the first time Mr Perry has assisted celebrity house hunters.

Harry and Meghan first tried to settle in Canada, but Harry said as the coronavirus pandemic continued to gain momentum, they didn’t feel it was the right place for them.

Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah for an exclusive interview detailing why they stepped down from royal duties. Picture: Getty

“Suddenly it dawned on me: ‘Hang on, the borders could be closed, we’re going to have our security removed, who knows how long lockdown is going to be, the world knows where we are, it’s not safe, it’s not secure, we probably need to get out of here’,” Harry told Oprah. 

The couple stayed in Tyler Perry’s LA mansion while they settled into LA life. Picture: Google Maps

Mr Perry came to the rescue and invited the young royals to live in his Southern Californian home where they stayed for three months and used Mr Perry’s security detail.

In the interview with Oprah, Meghan said the home “gave us breathing room to try to figure out what we were going to do”.

The home is reportedly worth $US17.5 million ($AU23 million) and has eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, as well as a dreamy swimming pool and surrounding manicured grounds.

The controversial couple has since bought and moved into their own mansion in Montecito, which boasts nine bedrooms, a pool, theatre and gym, not to mention a chicken coop, which was featured during the Oprah broadcast.

Tyler Perry is worth more than $US1 billion ($AU1.2 billion). Picture: Getty

Mr Perry has sold previous properties to celebrities and entertainment industry figures.

One of his most impressive former properties is a 34,000sqm house in Atalanta, which he purchased for $US9 million ($AU11.6 million) back in 2007. It features seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a helipad, a 70,000-gallon infinity pool and a tennis court.

The Atlanta mega mansion broke city records when it sold for $US17.5 million ($AU22.6 million) in 2016. Picture:

The opulent mega mansion was sold in 2016 for $US17.5 million ($AU22.6 million), which broke the city’s house price record and made Mr Perry a cool profit.

David Turner, the founder of SunTree Snack Foods, sold his company and moved into the home, turning it into a production studio for a web-based Christian TV network, Jesus Live TV.

The Atlanta home features a ballroom, a 70,000-gallon infinity swimming pool and a helipad. Picture:

Last year, Mr Turner sold the home to entertainer Steve Harvey for a reported $US15 million ($AU19.4 million).

The lavish home was sold again in 2020 to entertainer Steve Harvey for $US15 million. Picture:

In 2018, Mr Perry sold his LA home to rapper and producer Pharrell Williams for $US15.6 million ($AU20.2 million)

He had listed the home only six months after buying it for $US14.5 million ($AU18.7 million).

Mr Perry sold this 90s gem to rapper Pharrell Williams for $US15.6 million. Picture:

The modern house, located in the gated Mulholland Estates, boasts 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms with stunning views of San Fernando Valley. It was described in the listing as “the perfect place for entertaining”.

Mr Perry has built his net worth as an actor, producer and director and last year Forbes reported he was worth more than $US1 billion ($AU1.2 billion). He has made his fortune from Tyler Perry Studios where Marvel’s Black Panther was filmed, his shares in the video-on-demand service BET+ and, of course, his luxurious property portfolio.

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